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Sierra Heritage Magazine is a bi-monthly magazine celebrating its 34th year as the regional publication for the Sierra, covering the area from Reno/Lake Tahoe to Sacramento, and Lassen to Mammoth, Yosemite and the Gold Country.

Sierra Heritage Magazine is a must keep-coffee-table magazine known for its prize-winning photography, interesting articles and compelling stories of California's Historic Gold Country, Lake Tahoe, Yosemite and today's life-style in the vast, diverse region known simply as The Sierra.

Advertisements in Sierra Heritage get seen! Recent subscriber surveys show that each issue reaches over 166,000 readers (based on 8.3 readers per copy). These same surveys report that an overwhelming number of Sierra Heritage subscribers read each issue from cover-to-cover.

Readers' report being influenced to buy products and services advertised in Sierra Heritage Magazine. More than 55% report buying products and services they had seen in Sierra Heritage Magazine. One subscriber said, "If you advertise in Sierra Heritage, I can trust your product. It's like a recommendation from a good friend."

Demographically, Sierra Heritage reaches an affluent, consuming audience; of educated and discerning families.  

  • Average age:  54.4 years

  • Education:  66.7% college graduates, 32% postgraduate degrees

  • Personal income:  83& earn $80,000+, 37% earn $150,000+, 22% earn $200,000+

  • Home ownership:  91% own their own home, 24% own two or more homes

  • Home value:  27% value their home at $1,000,000 or more

Sierra Heritage offers targeted advertising to Sierra visitors/tourists, residents and second homeowners.  They are active and enjoy a variety of activities including:

  • Dining out

  • Travel in the Sierra

  • Gardening

  • Music

  • Hiking

  • Wine tasting

  • Shopping

  • Gourmet food

  • Art galleries

  • Theatre

Readers list their top 10 planned purchases to be:

  • Wine

  • Home remodeling

  • Art

  • Home furnishings

  • Computer equipment

  • Sports equipment

  • Automobile

  • Stocks/bonds

  • Club membership

  • Investment/vacation property

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Five reasons Sierra Heritage is a valuable advertising and marketing vehicle:

  • While other magazine go out every month or many times a twice month - we don't. We publish just once every two months.  Our subscribers are very interested when the magazine arrives and advertising has a long two month lifespan.

  • Surveys show our readers keep the magazine in their home for an average of 8 months, giving ads even longer exposure. Many subscribers never throw their copies away!  

  • Sierra Heritage is a high quality travel and lifestyle resource, resulting in extraordinary reader involvement and trust.   

  • Sierra Heritage costs less than our competitors. Our rates are lower because we know how to keep our costs to a minimum.

  • Added Value:  The professional sales staff at Sierra Heritage is trained to help you maximize the benefits of your partnership with the magazine.  Some of the added value things available to meet marketing needs include:

    • Free subscriptions to give your clients

    • Bind-in cards to increase ad response

    • Editorial and photo support for your advertising

    • Copies of the magazine for your place of business

    • In-store promotions

    • Bonus ads

    • Overprints of your ad, or editorial content

Check these advertiser testimonials:

  • "A few years ago I received a phone call from a man who had seen our ad in an issue of Sierra Heritage Magazine he had picked up in an Airline Club at Chicago O'Hare Airport.  He was impressed with the beautiful presentation of the pendant in the magazine.  How many times do you hear that about one of your ads?"     -P. Dyer, Proprietor, Utopian Stone Jewelers

  • "We discovered the effectiveness of Sierra Heritage Magazine when on numerous occasions, homeowners would present us with a compilation of photographs of our pools they had saved over the years from ads in Sierra Heritage.  It became clear to us that Sierra Heritage readers were our audience."     -C. Dal Pino, Owner, Dal Pino Quality Pools

  • We use the Sierra Heritage At Home Magazine for consistent recognition of our name.  They are local, nice and a professional publication.  The distribution covers the area we are looking to target, and others see our name consistently."     -April, Maki Heating and Air Conditioning

  • "We have clients now, who have come to us because of ads and editorial in the Sierra Heritage At Home Magazine.  Some comments on the ads and articles they've seen, and others walk in with the ad in hand.  I know Sierra Heritage At Home works!"      -Brian Hooh, Hood Branco Innovations

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